Aimi Odell and Frosula Theodorou are the Owners and Founders of THREE ONE THREE THREE.


We have been friends for more than 18 years. In that time they have traveled the world, shared a love for fashion, art, music, shopping! and more importantly a spiritual journey, guided by our meditation practices.

We always wanted to start a company together, but we never knew exactly what we wanted to do, we knew we wanted it to be based around fashion, lifestyle products and design.

We were both in a place where we wanted to make a change in our lives and we had gotten to a point in our careers, [Aimi as an Art Director and Frosula as a Hairstylist],  where we had come as far as we had hoped and we wanted to use what we had learnt and our experience to do something different.

In 2020, in the midst of the pandemic first hitting, the UK went into the first lockdown, we spoke everyday and talked about everything that was going on in the world, about how amazing it was that everyone was coming together to help each other, people standing in the street and clapping, people singing with each other across balconies, we really felt that sense of community and what we felt most was this overwhelming feeling to be better and do better, for each other and for our planet. 

We were having quite a few deep and meaningful conversations, a lot of the discussions were about our planet. That's something we spoke about every day, what can we do better? How can we be better? How can we help other people do better? 

We wanted to become more environmentally conscious about the way that we are living. We wanted to buy brands, clothing and products that are environmentally friendly and eco-friendly. We wanted to be doing better for our planet in that way and based on that sense of community we felt, we realised we want to help other people do the same.

Unfortunately when you hear the word eco-friendly you instantly think of naff, festival style, hippy tie dye, which honestly a lot of it is. 

We felt there wasn’t a place where we could shop the things that we like, the style of clothes and products that are cool, it's curated in a way that everything on there we LOVE, and we can trust that place and the brands they sell is doing good for the planet in an honest and transparent way

That’s where the idea of Three One Three Three came from. We wanted to create a place that people can go to that is curated, well designed and made but also in a conscious way, you are doing good by shopping here.
Mostly you can trust that brand and the brands that they work with, everything that you buy you can trust is good. It was always based on this idea that we want to do better for our planet and we want to help other people do better.

People love to shop, so let's help people to do that, but do it in a way that does not impact our planet. Making those conscious changes everyday for your everyday living will make massive changes. We built a platform based around that, building a community of like minded people, also to help people who don't know much about helping the planet but know that they want to, to help those people learn to do good things.

Our goal is to make clothes, we love clothes, that’s where our passion is, as well as sneakers and shoes. We want to make clothes that are environmentally conscious, that is our focus and that is what we are heading towards. 

We also want to support brands that are environmentally friendly and transparent. Transparency is really important to us. We fully understand that a company can’t be 100% eco-friendly, it is nigh on impossible. What is more important is that you're transparent about what you are doing and you have a goal and an aim to be better. You are continually striving to be better and you're honest about what you are doing.

We are enjoying our journey so much, we are learning so much and we are really looking forward to progressing our company, growing our site and working with creative, inspiring, like minded people and brands in the future.

Thank you for your support. 

Love + Gratitude.
Aimi + Frosula