We believe that we can all do our bit in helping our planet through our everyday living, rather than depleting our planet of its natural resources. Small changes lead to big change, by choosing products and brands that are environmentally conscious, together we can make a positive impact on our planet.

We understand that is very hard for brands to be 100% sustainable, 100% eco-friendly, 100% planet friendly, unfortunately the industry of sustainability is a mine-field.  Brands, companies and consumers are always faced with hurdles that they are unable to get over, whether that be with the carbon footprint offset, production or materials and let's be honest, people will always find fault.

We believe that transparency and honesty are key. We work with brands who are open about the adversities they face and are always striving to do better and be better in an honest way. Brands should have a focus, a goal and show a passion and willingness to always do better and be better.
We only work with brands who share our belief to do better for our planet. We feel blessed to work with like minded creatives who appreciate great design, exceptional craftsmanship and always put our environment first.

A biodegradable product is able to naturally break down in the environment, leaving no trace or effect on our planet.
We believe that the products that we use should not impact or harm the planet and we should strive to use only products that are natural and biodegradable. When materials are used that are not biodegradable, these materials will always be reusable and/or recyclable.
Cruelty free products are not tested on animals and are not involved in activities that are harmful to animals in any way.
We believe in animal rights and protecting the welfare of all animals. All of the products we sell are cruelty free.
Eco-friendly products are not harmful to the environment and prevent contributions to air, water and land pollution.
Our whole ethos is built around the idea of products and brands that are eco-friendly. We strive to continually help people to be more environmentally conscious and will always promote the use of products that are not harmful to the environment, humans or animals.

Fair trade supports trading systems in developing countries by ensuring better deals, prices, working conditions and rights for farmers and workers.
We believe that all workers should be paid fairly for their talent and skill. We would only ever work with brands who fully support fair trade.
A GMO free product is free from ingredients that are genetically modified and is produced without genetic engineering. GMOs are prohibited in organic production, therefore non GMO is always organic.
We believe in using ingredients and products that are free from chemicals and toxins. GMOs should not be used in the environment, in food or other products, and we strive to only sell products that are organic and GMO free.
This term not only means that a product is designed and produced in the UK, it also guarantees a high standard of quality, materials and production that is respected throughout the world.
It is important to us to support UK based small businesses and we are happy to be a part of a thriving creative environmentally conscious community. 
We fully support small businesses across the world and we look forward to working with a wider variety of planet friendly brands in the future.
A natural product is made with ingredients and materials that are derived from nature, such as silk, cotton and wood. Because these ingredients are derived from nature, if not altered from their natural state, they are biodegradable and their disposal is not harmful to the environment.
 We believe that using products and ingredients that are natural, the better it is for you and for our planet.
Palm oil is widely used in many household and beauty products. Palm oil deforestation has a devastating effect on the environment, destroying rainforests, our planet's natural biodiversity systems and wiping out the natural habitat of the world's orangutan's and tigers. 
We believe in using natural, chemical free products, it is important to use that the products we sell are palm oil free.
We understand that sometimes brands can not avoid the use of plastics and if plastics can be recycled and reused then that means they stay out of landfills and oceans.
We try to avoid the use of plastic where possible and where plastic is used in products we sell, it will only be for re-usable, long term use. We do not condone the use of single use plastic in any way.

Currently plastic is used on the following products sold on our site:
Neat Clean Reusable Spray Bottles pump spray nozzle and silicone base. Bloomtown Hand + Body Soap Pump Dispensers, Sugar Body Scrub screw top lids. 
Ocean Clean Reusable Water Bottles are made using recycled plastics.
Recycled materials are collected either from a recycling program, from waste recovered during a manufacturing process or from recyclables collected from consumers or businesses through a recycling program. These are then recycled into materials used for manufacturing and production.
We believe in using recycled materials where possible as it keeps used materials out of landfills and oceans and does not deplete from the planet's natural resources or cause unnecessary pollution.

We only sell products from brands that use recycled or compostable packaging.
3133 postage boxes and envelopes are recycled and can be recycled. 
The twine we use is biodegradable. 
Currently the postage bags that we use are only partly made from recycled plastic, but they can be recycled. We are in the process of upgrading these bags to be made from 100% recycled plastic.
Reusable products can be used for the same purpose over and over again, which means less ending up in landfills and oceans, also it helps to stop the use of single-use plastics, which have a devastating effect on the environment and wildlife.
We believe that by using reusable products, we can greatly reduce the amount of trash in our oceans and in landfills. The products that we sell will always be either re-usable or biodegradable or both.

Sustainable materials are materials and ingredients that are produced in volume without depleting non-renewable natural resources or disrupting natural resource systems.
We believe in nurturing our planet, not depleting it of its natural resources. Brands  should be sustainable in every way possible.  It is important to us to work with companies who share in this belief and produce products that are made sustainably.
Vegan products do not contain any animal-derived ingredients or materials.
It is important to us that the products we use and sell are vegan. We believe that no animal should have to endure pain, suffering and sometimes death in order to support our lifestyles.In some rare cases, leather may be used in products that we sell, this is always kept to a minimum. All of our beauty products are vegan

Currently leather is used on the following products sold on our site:
A small 
selection of baskets from The Basket Room, where the small branding label is made of leather.
Vent for change ‘Make a Mark’ notebooks are made using recycled leather.