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About Us

Aimi Odell and Frosula Theodorou are the Founders and Owners of

We have been friends for more than 18 years, in that time we have traveled the world, shared a love for fashion, art, music and culture. We always wanted to start a company together that is based around fashion, lifestyle and design. We were both in a place where we wanted to make a change in our lives and we had gotten to a point in our careers, [Aimi as an Art Director and Frosula as a Hairstylist], where we wanted to use what we had learnt and our experience to do something different.

In 2020, in the midst of the pandemic hitting, the UK went into the first lockdown. Witnessing the world grinding to a halt, really helped us to see how much we had been taking our planet for granted. During that time, everything stopped and it felt as if the planet could breathe again, like it was coming back to life. It helped us to appreciate nature and our environment much more. We talked about everything that was going on across the world, about how amazing it was that everyone was coming together to help each other, people standing in the street and clapping, people singing with each other across balconies, we really felt that sense of community and what we felt most was this overwhelming feeling that we wanted to do better, for each other and for our planet. Something we discussed a lot was, what changes can we make in our lives that will help the environment? How can we do better for our planet? How can we help other people do better?

We wanted to become more environmentally conscious in the way we are living and buy brands, clothing and products that are environmentally friendly. We wanted to be doing better for our planet in that way and inspired by that sense of community we felt, we wanted to help other people do the same. Unfortunately when you hear the word eco-friendly you instantly think of a style that carries a certain stigma. We felt there wasn’t a place where we could shop the style of clothing, accessories, lifestyle products that we like, that is so well curated that we LOVE everything. A place we can trust that they and the brands they sell are doing good for the planet in an honest and transparent way. 

That’s where the idea for Three One Three Three came from. We wanted to create a place that people can go to that sells products that are well designed, well manufactured and made in an environmentally conscious way. A place that is well curated and intentional. Mostly you can trust that brand, the brands that they work with and you know that you are doing good for our planet by shopping there. We support brands that are environmentally friendly. Transparency is key. We fully understand that a company can’t be 100% eco-friendly, what is more important is that you're transparent and honest about what you are doing and are continually striving to be better. 

We are enjoying our journey so much, we are learning a lot and we are really looking forward to progressing our company, growing our site and working with creative, inspiring, like minded people and brands in the future. The next step for us is adding clothing brands to our site, which we are really excited about.

Aimi + Frosula