3133 Palo Santo Bundle
3133 Palo Santo Bundle
3133 Palo Santo Bundle
3133 Palo Santo Bundle

Palo Santo Bundle

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Palo Santo is one of natures most fragrant woods, with its delicate and unique scent of pine, mint and lemon. It is known for its cleansing properties and promotes calm and tranquility. Use this palo santo to smudge your home and office of any negative energies and bring in positive vibes only. 

Size - Bundle includes 6 x sticks

How to use: Light your smudge stick over a smudge bowl or plate. Wait a moment, then blow out the flames. You may have to re-light your stick a few times. Then use the smoke to cleanse a yourself or your home. When smudging your home, open all your windows and doors to let out the old energies and bring in the new.

Safety - Please do not leave burning stick unattended.

3133 Selenite and Sage Cleansing Bundle



From sage smudges to crystals, we have all you need to keep you and your home calm and relaxed.


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